Monday, February 28, 2011

Summertime Kids - Table Manners (FLAC)

Although spring is only beginning, Nick Roberts seems to be permanently anticipating the summer. Table Manners, recently released independently under Roberts' solo project, Summertime Kids, is a deeply personal series of foggy and ethereal songs that could be just as easily written by Helios as they could by Calla, like a Fear of Fireflies-inspired adaptation of Ayres.

Table Manners, as clean and well-defined as it is, leaves much to the imagination. It is longingly sober, vaguely surfy, and powerfully intimate, not just as a soliloquy to the end of summer but as an ode to its beginning. When Roberts speaks, his words aren't just another layer of melody — they create meaning, tell a story, and engage the listener in a way that typical repetition-driven lyrical structures do not.

Roberts has released his EP through bandcamp here. It's basically free, but support him with whatever you can afford; this guy deserves to make more music.

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