Monday, October 18, 2010

Bomb The Music Industry! - Scrambles (V0)

This album will kill you with fun.
It'll make you want to flail your arms wildly in the middle of traffic, steal a car, crash into a candy store, fill your mouth with whatever candy it is you like the most, get back in the car, drive off the bridge, turn the car into a submarine with your new found superpowers, find an underwater fissure and go through it, end up in another dimension where everyone is you, kill everyone there and eat their hearts to gain their power, build a statue to monument your penis in a dimension that is now entirely empty, leave that dimension, go home, 100% all of the final fantasy games, liquefy your computer and inject it into yourself, surf the internet inside your head, buy everything on the internet and have it delivered to "thirty-dick or leave it in the car", finally finish chewing all that god damn candy, burn a hole into the sun, and maybe then the album will be finished.

Did you know its hypocritical to point fingers at the people who point fingers?

Download here.

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