Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Youth Pictures of Florence Henderson - Youth Pictures of Florence Henderson (V0)

"Hey pa, are them corns done growing yet?"

"I'm trying to pretend you don't exist so I can be happy."

I'm a bad listener when it comes to post-rock, and I genuinely dislike "rock" instrumentals, but thank god for you, Youth Pictures of Florence Henderson. Finally, some post-rock made for me, the average cynic. It's deep, it's depressing, it's post-rock, and the entire catch is that there are vocals involved occasionally, but for long enough periods of time for you to have something to grasp onto, and the amount of empty space created by the band leaves room for whoever is listening to fill in the gaps with melody or whatever they want to do with gaps in places (I hear some people like putting gross things in them).

Sample this, yo: Youth Pictures of Florence Henderson – I Think E.T. Is Involved In My Family

Download V0

P.S. If requested, I'll upload in FLAC.

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