Tuesday, December 28, 2010

United Nations - United Nations (V0)

Can't say I remember when was the last time I posted, or what was the last thing I posted. I remember posting though.

During a consistently hectic two months I find myself here now, for the first time in my life with an actual direction in life and actually putting my potential to use; and all I want to do now is listen to experimental and hectic music, one following the footsteps of Karl Marx's conflict theory where harmony can only come from conflict between... well, everything. No, opposites do not attract; but they create something beautiful in the process of repelling each other.

Out of these messes of days came into my hands this, an album I only picked up due to its cover art. At the time, I looked at it and saw it as a short story that mirrored exactly what I felt, The Beatles walking in across Abbey Road one way, where they created a beautiful piece of pop music, and then leaving it on fire, finished. No, I didn't create a beautiful piece of pop music, but I had something nice and it was over and left me burned.

But this isn't an album about anything beautiful, or anything pop, or anything related to anything. It's an album of experimental grindcore, power-violence, and post-hardcore that isn't meant to make you forget about problems, or fight about them, but to make you yell incoherently at whatever you'd like, and make you want to punch someone, and maybe you will punch someone; I'd like to punch someone myself.

So take this home with you (Sample)
and tell everyone to go fuck themselves. (Download)

Also, take a look at the bands website; it's hilarious.

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