Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Bibio - The Apple and the Tooth (FLAC)

Seldom do I come across an album that invokes a mix of different emotions from within inside of me. While listening, I feel as if I'm in a parallel universe, where there are no worries, there is no pain, and the only feeling that is allowed is a constant state of relaxation. The individual songs off of this album bring back memories of falling in love, being as carefree as a child, hopefulness, and innate happiness, among others. While an astounding eight of the twelve tracks are remixes of songs featured on earlier releases, I consider them an essential part of my enjoyment of this amazing piece of work. As for the highlights, I'd recommend "Rotten Rudd," "Bones & Skulls," and "All The Flowers (Lone Remix)." I can't really pinpoint an exact genre that I'd classify this album under, so all I can ask is that you give it a shot, and realize that you appreciate it as much as I do.

Do yourself a favor and download this.

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