Monday, September 20, 2010

Adam & Naïve - Every Starry Night (FLAC)

"Adam & Naïve is Konrad Kamm, Ken Korb, Omar Saeed, Greg Salwen, and Tyler Taormina. The members as a whole make up the Practice Room Records collective. They have been releasing music together since 2006. They are best friends and even though they are separated most of the year due to school, they always manage to keep the tunes popping. Their lifelong dream (collectively) is to be immortalized as a cartoon version of themselves in the theme of Frogerella."

It's very rare for me to compare any band to Animal Collective; it seems antiquated and hackneyed. But Adam & Naïve's work is, with all of its harmonies and major-key gaiety, not actually that dissimilar to Noah Lennox and David Portner's earliest recordings, like Campfire Songs and Spirit They're Gone, Spirit They've Vanished. There's a pervasive sense of playfulness and familiarity here, as if the statement that Adam & Naïve are all best friends is not only meant to charm their listeners but also to define Adam & Naïve as a group.

Adam & Naïve have put this album up free of charge here.


  1. Oh hey, this is pretty good. Muchos gracias for this.

  2. when a head them , i think about pavement or modest mouse but with a little psychedelic touch
    THx for the post