Thursday, September 2, 2010

Fire on Fire - The Orchard (V0)

One of the most interesting aspects of the Young God label is the way in which all of the artists seem interconnected. Because M. Gira owns the label and signs individual bands himself, each seems to reflect his taste and style of music. Fire on Fire's debut is no exception; an almost familial effort similar to Young God sweethearts Akron/Family, with angular instrumentation similar to Gira's Angels of Light or the more recent 2010 Swans release, My Father Will Guide Me Up a Rope to the Sky, makes The Orchard a reflection of what should've happened on the Akron/Family & Angels of Light split: a mashup of psychedelic folk, folk noir influences and those beautiful group harmonies that are what make bands like Akron/Family, Fang Island and Fleet Foxes such an interesting listen. The subject matter of The Orchard is varied, but Fire on Fire tends to let their instrumentation and their ties to one another fill the spaces that their sparse lyrical content leaves behind.

Download it here.

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