Monday, September 20, 2010

of Montreal - False Priest (V0)

Me: Holy shit, look who it is…

Disappointment: Hey! I haven't seen you since like… since WOMEN released their second album?

Me: Yeah, that's probably the last time. So when did you get here? Track 2?

Disappointment: Nah, I got here before the album even started. I'm gonna have to go soon, but I'll be back a bit later.

Me: Why? If you're already here you might as well stay the whole time.

Disappointment: Well, when track 3 starts I'll have to go and pick up embarrassment from his loft in the city.

Me: Loft in the city? The fuck is he doing there?

Disappointment: I don't know, something about dogs. I don't really listen to him; he's just not worth hearing anymore.

Me: Then why are you going to pick him up?

Disappointment: I don't know, I keep telling myself that I'm not going to hang out with him anymore, but I just keep being myself.

Me: When are you coming back?

Disappointment: I'll probably be back with embarrassment around the start of track 6.

Me: Staying for the rest of the party from then on?

Disappointment: Pretty much, yeah.

Yeah, False Priest is of Montreal, there's no fan betrayal on this like there was with Wavves last album, but that doesn't change that this album was a pretty big disappointment. Something I could imagine being played at a party that isn't doing well. I mean shit, maybe it's too much to expect for every artist to be like Cobain and be able to change what they're doing and maintain the same level of excellence, but shit Kevin, yes you made a listenable album but you cannot tell me you put a lot of effort into this. Even the lyrics are as mundane as possible, at least on Hissing Fauna, Are You The Destroyer? you went all out crazy and switched from topic to topic within the same sentence but this is just an album that is entirely "OK." But to give it credit, after the first two completely NOVELTY tracks the album attempts to lift off into something special but it's pretty easy to realize it's not getting better after Hydra Fancies, at least not for any amount of time that's going to entirely turn your opinion around.

Download here to agree or disagree.

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