Thursday, September 9, 2010

Kayo Dot - Choirs of the Eye (V0)

Our eyelashes weaken with a weight that is sweet and fine,
And this feels like frogs and spiders in the sweet outside.
Tell me why world, unfathomable and good,
The beauty of everything is infinite and cruel.

An airplane, a puppet, an orange, a spoon,
A window, and outside
Stars and the moon.

Few artists are more musically, lyrically and instrumentally gifted than Toby Driver. Choirs of the Eye, Kayo Dot's debut album, is so incredibly diverse that it is a world unto its own. Each instrument, each word and note plays its own role; the phrasing is perfect, better even for its juxtapositions between brutality and serenity. What is so stunning about Kayo Dot is that, beneath each layer of incredible instrumentals, there is an even more incredible layer of meaning in Toby's lyrics. His words are profound, enchanting and mystical, whispering and seeking. Behind sensations of soaring, of crushing, of searching, there is always the reminder that these sounds are coming from someone, from something organic. Clear classical influences reveal themselves only to be swept away by contemporary rehashings, by innovation and reinvention. Each moment of Choirs of the Eye is just as compelling as the last, and each song ends so perfectly that you can't help but want to listen again.


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