Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Glissade - Further (V2)

I guess I can start with the description.

"Glissade creates a soundtrack to a dreamy and distorted version of reality by combining shoegaze inspired guitars & textural waves of sound. the tracks are both meditative and dramatic with melodies melting into a soothing and hypnotic ocean of atmospheric noise.

Shoegaze, for me, has always been about finding a more perfect atmospheric aesthetic, which is why bands like My Bloody Valentine and to a lesser extent Slowdive have not been so appealing to me as I've come to enjoy the genre. The shoegaze I like is often a mellow blend of post-rock and textures, sometimes even blurring the line between shoegaze and drone. Now, this album doesn't incorporate drone, but it is very atmospherically oriented. It's great to relax to, to think to, or even just to breathe to. It's not so willfully exotic in the way that trip-hop is, but it still manages to make you aware of yourself. Swirling melodies and whispered vocals.

All textual wanking aside, if you are a fan of shoegaze and ambient, this is something you will enjoy greatly. Can't recommend it enough.

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I'm not sure what they are up to nowadays, or if they're even still together. All I know is that this album is one of the most played shoegaze albums that I own.

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