Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Ghost Mountain - Summer Tapes EP (320)

I remember the first time I heard Ghost Mountain. The video for Eye Rings was in my 'Recommended Videos' list on YouTube and had a pretty cool still shot, so I decided to check it out. Being someone who had just stopped listening to Mindless Self Indulgence and just started listening to Animal Collective, Ghost Mountain was like nothing I had ever heard before (it still isn't really like anything else out there, for the record). This Black Moth Super Rainbow influenced duo from Texas have been blowing my socks off from day one with their psychedelic rhythms and catchy beats. Daniel Berkowitz's vocals are also something fresh that often add something very special to Ghost Mountain's already unique sound.

Favorite tracks: Eye Rings, The Tree Wall, Star in my Wishing Well, Ninja Turtles

My rating: 9.3/10

Download it here. If you liked it as much as I did, order one of the awesome homemade VHS tapes that has all the songs and their videos (that are made of tapes found at garage sales and the like) and comes with a CD and a poster that has all the lyrics on it, along with other Ghost Mountain merch here!

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