Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Feral Children - Brand New Blood (V0)

The following is a police report of an event that occurred sometime in the early months of 2010 regarding the murders of Animal Collective and most of Modest Mouse.

According to one "Isaac Brock," disillusioned with what was once his own "indie rock," he finally grew tired of his bandmates, pulled out a shotgun (yet to be found) and burst into the studio where the other members of "Modest Mouse" were recording, killing each of them one by one. Brock made no attempt to hide his deed(when cops arrived two days later all the bodies were still where they fell and blood was everywhere). Isaac then began to leave, but noticed that one of his band mates had brought an album (titled: "Strawberry Jam" by Animal Collective) with him and left it on a desk. Mr. Brock was unable to explain why he had decided to stop and listen to the album, but stated after he had listened to it he had yet another urge to kill. He called a friend who quoted, "He asked me for some odd request, the address of Animal Collective’s studio."

We estimate that four days later Mr. Brock arrived at the studio, killed the band (Animal Collective) that had been practicing inside and then, in his own words, "ate their hearts to gain their power." Brock then remained in the studio for 48 hours and used Animal Collective’s instruments to create the attached album. We found him there, still covered in blood, bodies still on the floor, blood everywhere. When we took him in for questioning (and a soon to be conviction) he kept screaming for us to take the enclosed album with him.

Find the aforementioned album attached within.

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