Friday, September 3, 2010

MF DOOM - MM..Food? (V0)

I first became interested in MF DOOM after hearing him on the Gorillaz track November Has Come. When I was recommended MM..Food? I didn't know what to expect, as an artist with such an extensive discography most often changes his/her style (and an artist's style is not usually reflected well by collaboration songs). The lyrics on November Has Come was what really hooked me, because DOOM's flow was great, and the lyrics were interesting and unconventional enough.

Being a fan of indie music, I tend to listen to the instrumental more than the lyrics, even when listening to hip-hop; so the first thing I noticed about MF DOOM's music was his interesting use of samples. Although, sometimes, the use of samples from old movies and the like can be a bit trying. DOOM's voice it boring, to be honest. The lyrics on MM..Food? also leave much to be desired (although I will say that truer words have never been spoken about betrayal than on Deep Fried Frenz, which also has a great sample of Friends by Houdini). All in all, MM..Food? is pretty lackluster.

Favorite tracks: Kookies, Deep Fried Frenz, Potholderz

My rating: 4.0/10

Don't write it off just yet, download it here.

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