Saturday, September 4, 2010

WHY? - Alopecia (V0)

A big mistake of mine was avoiding Alopecia for months, simply because I thought the cover was weird. I mean, horses running on a cloud with hands coming out of another cloud? I didn't know what was going on with this 'hip-hop' group, and I didn't especially care.

Like I said, this was a big mistake.

I finally decided to give WHY?'s Alopecia a fair chance one day. I didn't just like this album the first time I heard it, I was completely blown away. From the first snare hit (which is actually a motorcycle chain dropping on concrete) on The Vowels Pt. 2, I was utterly hooked on WHY?'s unique instrumentation and Yoni Wolf's clever, vague, mesmerizing lyrics. The album often ranges in style, from the fucked-upedness of Good Friday, to the up-beat annunciation of love and stalking on Simeon's Dilemma. Each song tells a different story, confesses a different emotion and makes the listener feel a different amount of vulnerability than the one before it. Even the one minute long closing song, Exegesis, offers an enjoyable, yet haunting listening experience.

From start to finish, there is never a dull moment on Alopecia. It is truly the perfect album.

Favorite songs: The Vowels Pt. 2, Good Friday, Song of the Sad Assassin, Fatalist Palmistry, A Sky For Shoeing Horses Under, Simeon's Dilemma, Exegesis

My rating: 11/10

Billy the Kid did what he did and he died.

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