Monday, September 13, 2010

Mooncake - Lagrange Points (V2)


Ever since I heard GY!BE's Skinny Fists a couple years ago I've been fascinated with post-rock. If you saw the post I made about Sky Flying By a couple days ago, you might know that post-rock has genuinely shaped my taste as I've grown outwards towards more and more bands, constantly looking for new music and experiencing new emotions.

I remember it was raining, I remember I was walking home from school, and I remember this music.

The rest is blurry, but I remember seeing everything differently than I had before, like the ground and the buildings and the cars came alive, and like the sky was pouring this music down on me in conjunction with the rain.

It felt like the rain was speaking to me.

That's the power of this album.

If you like post-rock at all, there's a good chance that you'll enjoy this. If you like crescendo laden, spacey-yet-focused guitarwork and plenty of cello, then maybe you have a shot at enjoying this music the way I do.

Rain In The Ashtray

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