Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Radiohead - In Rainbows (FLAC)

In Rainbows is, without a doubt, Radiohead's most intimate record. Not only is the instrumentation extremely sparse, often limited to a single instrument and a drum loop, it is comprised entire of love songs. The clear Warp Records influence here, which is even more prominent than on Idioteque or those other quasi-trip-hop Radiohead songs, is what makes In Rainbows stand on its own so well. It is, for the most part, Radiohad shrugging off their experimentalism and grunginess for a more user-friendly, outward inwardness. Yorke's voice is as fragile and isolated as usual, but, as was not seen in Kid A, he seems to be making a genuine attempt to confide in the listener; to seek comfort from them.

Get it in FLAC here.

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