Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Sky Flying By - How Much More Difficult Will This Get? (320)

I remember hearing this album for the first time. I was still getting into instrumental music and still reeling from my introduction to Skinny Fists. A whole new world had been opened up to me, and I was all but spamming the words 'post-rock' to everyone I could. After I started following some blogs (most notably Shoegazeralive) I realized that there was an incomprehensible amount of similar music that was all in the same vein and yet, in one way or another, different. Variations on a sound and style that I was completely enamored with. 3 months later I had already downloaded so much music that I felt overwhelmed.

I delved into literally about 50 different albums over the course of that month and even with the fascination I had for the genre this specific album stuck out in my mind. I don't think that I can do justice to this artist, so I'll let the artist description speak for itself.

"Sky Flying By is a solo music project out of Boston Massachusetts that employs the use of traditional rock music instrumentation to create all instrumental, ambient pieces that fuse electronic elements with what is typically referred to as post-rock."

The album is mellow but a masterpiece in my eyes. Although you might not develop the special love for this album that I did, I think you'll enjoy this, assuming you enjoy this style of music. It's not your typical crescendocore but regardless I think you'll find the atmospheric blends at the very least interesting, and hopefully captivating.

Download the album here.
Buy it here.

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