Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Envy Corps - Dwell (V2)

So many bands go through my hard drive, it seems. Anyone who's ever been serious about collecting music knows that sometimes we make investments in albums that we might not enjoy like we thought we would, or even worse, ones we wind up regretting. I have had my share of disappointments, as well. But bands like The Envy Corps and albums like Dwell make the up & down experience of discovering music worth it.

When I first got this album, I listened to it for days. Literally, it was the only thing I listened to. Sonically lush, catchy hooks and intelligent fantastic lyrics put this release at the top of my 2008 list. This isn't a review, it's a recommendation. This isn't an easy way to download free music, this is a way of introducing people to a band that deserves attention and support. This is independent music at its finest.

They also recently had a song featured in Entourage as well as a song in the movie Run Fatboy Run, so they are finally getting some well-deserved attention.

You can hear the first song on the album (as well as a few others) on youtube here and you can download the album here.

If you find you like it, you can buy the album here.

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