Friday, September 17, 2010

Elysian Fields - Dreams That Breathe Your Name (V0)

Dreams That Breathe Your Name is the third album by Brooklyn-based art rock band Elysian Fields, released in 2003. This album contains an array of sounds and tones that blend together seamlessly, ranging from dark and moody to classic dreamy pop/rock. "Narcosmicoma" is one of the highlights of this album; 5 minutes and 42 seconds of piano-driven, ethereal bliss, including the title of the album within its lyrics ("Into the dreams that breathe your name"). Another fan favorite is "Baby Get Lost," the pushy, yet playful, second song from this album. Among the more notable tracks featured on this album is "Scratch," a song about sex, and "Passing On The Stairs," which features vocals from Oren himself. "Dog Of Tears" ends this album on a beautiful, yet slightly foreboding note. Jennifer Charles' sultry voice guides the listener's gondola along the canal that is Dreams That Breathe Your Name. There's nothing I can say I don't like about this release from Elysian Fields, and I hope that all of you can find enjoyment in listening to it as well.

Elysian Fields is comprised of Jennifer Charles, who provides vocals, as well as various instruments, and Oren Bloedow, the guitarist. Most people know Jennifer Charles from her involvement with the downtempo band Lovage, alongside Mike Patton and Dan the Automator. While Elysian Fields and Lovage hold similarities, there are no raunchy, comical lyrics to be found here; instead, EF bestows upon the listener a lush, varied soundscape, almost unlike any other band I have ever listened to.

Instant impact made you see.

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